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About Shanzee's

I'm Shannon! I have been a longtime Victoria-resident with a love for delicious food and equally delicious beverages. I have been in the food industry for more years than I care to share, so I know quality food when I taste it.​ 

My husband and I have three grown children and a dog that round out our family. We are so proud of our children and the people they have become- keep your eyes out as you'll probably see them coming in to get their fill of Mom's cooking!

Do I look familiar? ​​

You have likely seen me around town at various restaurants, events, and Shannon's concession! That's right, I am the menu curator + chef behind the Carnarvon concession, where I garnered a fan-base for my daring and always scrumptious, food combinations and perfectly-done classics. If you loved what I did at the concession, you have to come and try our unbelievable rendition of biscuits and gravy!


On a personal note, I would like to thank you so much for your support and kindness as I take off on this new venture. I have always wanted to open a restaurant, and this is the perfect opportunity. I have been working hard to bring a unique flavour to our thriving city, and we know that Shanzee's Biscuit Cafe is the way to do it.

With Love,

​Shannon Stead

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